The G5 is alive!

exhaust fan grille

Well my office/study is currently being gutted and decorated, but all that was put on hold just the other day when my new (to me) G5 arrived. I did, of course, conduct a preliminary examination of my delivery upon arrival and dissapointment no.1 was to see that the front "foot" was slightly bent as a result of shipping, but otherwise all was sound and secure.

Hooked up to a pc screen and pc mouse /keyboard and connected the power, after a reassuring boot chime the MAC booted from the OSX DVD in the superdrive. Dissapointment no.2; OSX 10.3 (panther) - no 64bit support then!

Anywhoo.. the OS installed fine, but the fans seemed to be working particularly hard, so I shut it all down again for a full inspection...

Aha, five years worth of dust and fluff adhered to all the surfaces and fan blades with a decent coating of nicotine.

nvidia card - dirty

So, the current state of play is that my processors are on the desk, logic board is on the chair, power supply is on the floor(OMG the dust in the PSU fans)


superdrive is stripped out on the desk (also full of dust) and there are fan modules everywhere. My empty G5 case sits upon the floor, so I'm gonna try to straighten that crooked foot while it's logic board-free.

Guess I won't be painting my office this week! :)

G5 Case