Well since we last spoke, the G5 has had it's innards cleaned and is now cruzin quite happily running Leopard.


The cleaning didn't stop at just cleaning the PCB's and fans, I had to open up the PSU which was FULL of fluff and dustballs, and the superdrive was a non-runner - intermittent read faults and consistently failed on write tasks.

Upon reassembly I replaced the superdrive with a standard dvd-rw drive and installed OSX 10.5. What a dinger! Running great with 1.5 GB Ram, but that sounds a bit mean doesn't it? 1.5Gig, well now it has 5.5 Gig, and when I get round to it again I'll retire the original pair of 512's and replace with a matched pair of 1Gig sticks, then retire the the pair of 256's the same way. Best to do them in pairs, so I can see if the replacement RAM is compatible, one pair at a time. Must say I've had no problems with the RAM which was a kingston kit from Elara.ie - not specifically for a G5, but all the Specs matched, and they are CL3 (3-3-3)


Memory/2GB Kit 400MHz DDR PC3200 DIMM (2 x 1Gig kit)

elara part(sku) no: MME3424603

Kingston part no: KVR400X64C3AK2/2G

Kingston Ram


Now having my newly valeted G5, fresh OS install, and RAM upgrades, it did kinda seem wrong to have a standard PC screen connected (albeit a respectable 21" Widescreen offering from LG) so I went and got myself a s/h 21" LCD apple studio display from a seller on e-bay that I've done business with in the past.

apple studio displayNow it was starting to look the part, and I started looking at the attached PC keyboard with disdain, so I ordered a new aluminium Mac keyboard from the Apple store online (well if I'm not good to myself, who will be?) and things are looking real nice now. Oh yes, It was a bit quiet in the study so I deffo needed a set of speakers to go with my iTunes library, so I picked up a pair of Edirol MA-15D digital micro studio monitors to keep the tunes flowing!I particularly like these for their optical digital input, excellent bass reproduction and compact size.